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  • Ciara Moroney

The Bare Necessities: Confessions of a Baking Addict

This one is for all my GBBO fanatics out there. Find yourself living in the big bad world of student accommodation? Are you well acquainted with how small a selection accommodation offers in terms of kitchenware? Are you lost with what tools to buy for yourself? Well, look no further for help. I’m here to go through (what I think are) the necessities for good baking, on a budget.

Before we get down to business, it’s important for me to share what my own dad tells me about broadband deals: shop around! In order to get the best value for your well-earned spare change after paying extortionate rent prices in Dublin (iykyk), check out different prices online and see what works for you. Extra points if you shop local!

1. Kitchen Scales

Baking is an exact science. Must. Measure. Ingredients!

FYI, both electrical and non-electrical options are available, with the former usually costing more.

2. Measuring Spoons

Refer to point 1.

3. A Wooden Spoon

This isn’t rocket science. A good wooden spoon will get you through essentially all baking recipes, once you substitute elbow grease for an electric mixer.

4. A Whisk

Everyone knows that on Pancake Tuesday, the humble whisk becomes the ultimate essential in the kitchen.

5. A Big Bowl/Mixing Bowl

Where else are you gonna use your whisk and wooden spoon? When it comes to saving money, stainless steel is your best bet, but Pyrex and ceramic bowls are options at higher prices.

6. A Baking Tray

Another widely versatile baking tool in the kitchen, which comes in different shapes and sizes. Many traybake recipes use a standard 8” or 9” square tin, like the one below. Don’t feel limited to traybakes with these bad boys though. Do you know how much easier it is to slice a cheesecake when it’s in a square shape? Thank me later.

And with all of these for not even €25, who’s to say you can’t live out your Mary Berry dreams of baking?

Potential Extra’s?

A Good Sharp Knife

A very obvious first choice. Chops lots of things. This one is from Homestore and More, and they have a variety of options depending on your budget.

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